Monsoon tips: Here’s how to keep your skin healthy and glowing in the rainy season

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Monsoon brings respite from the scorching summer heat. But it needs no retelling that it also wreaks havoc with one’s skin — from making it break out, to sensitive or just dry. This is why it is essential to tweak one’s skincare regime according to the seasons. So if you are all set to prep your skin for monsoons, we have some mindful tips from Vineeta Singh, co-founder and CEO of SUGAR Cosmetics, for you;

Ditch oil-based products

Opt for something lighter, which is water-based, as the humidity in the air will make oil-based products clog your pores, leading to blackheads and breakouts. “Our skin can easily absorb water-based products due to the humidity in the air. Hence using lightweight water-based makeup and skincare will feel more comfortable on your skin and also make the products last longer,” she said adding that the key is to let the skin breathe during this season.

Don’t forget the SPF!

Just because it’s cloudy, do not think you can skip applying sunscreen. Even if the sun isn’t shining bright, your skin can still easily get affected by the harmful ultra-violet rays. Make sure you put on some sunscreen or use products that have SPF to keep your skin unharmed. Here is why you need to apply sunscreen even when you are at home.

Exfoliation is essential

This is important, especially during monsoons. “It helps to remove dead skin, dirt and unclog the pores. Coffee is an excellent exfoliator, however, you could also use green tea, sugar or yoghurt,” she added. Exfoliating 2-3 times in two weeks is good. Here is how you can select the right chemical exfoliant for yourself.


The weather may feel humid and sticky, but it doesn’t mean you don’t need to moisturise. The humidity can cause your skin to easily dehydrate making it appear dull and unhealthy. “Use a lightweight water-based moisturizer to keep your skin feeling healthy and fresh. If you want to keep it natural, cucumber and olive oil can be excellent substitutes,” Singh added.

Always remember to take off your makeup

Use a water-based cleanser before you sleep. This routine will help avoid clogged pores which would cause infections. “Avoid using wipes during monsoons as the skin’s sebum production can also lead to breakouts,” she cautioned.

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