Sunday Zodiac: Hobbies which will help relieve the signs today

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Routine can be monotonous. What better than taking up a hobby or two to break the grind? They help you feel better and productive, especially on a lazy Sunday. Jeevika Sharma, tarot card reader and guidance counsellor shares which hobbies best suit which zodiac signs. Find out what’s in store for you today. 


Capricorns would need some time to relieve stress and they can do this by simply shutting the doors to the world for some time and play some games online or in person. They could also choose to go for painting or drawing. This will help them purge all pent-up emotions that they have suppressed for a long time.


This Sunday, Aquarians can try their hands at cooking to de-stress. This shouldn’t be a typical day-to-day cooking time and should be more about experimenting and trying out new cuisine. 


For Pisceans, it is recommended they watch a movie or a web series. It should not be something relatable or too serious, but something which takes you to a wonderland far away from reality. Avoid anything which reminds you of the daily hustle.


Indoor games, specifically which require a group or any type of hobby which can be performed in a group, is the recommended gateway to relieve stress. It should involve equal participation from everyone around you. 


Reading could help Taurus relax and enjoy a stress-free Sunday. The choice of book can range anything from reality to some immersive fantasy. You could try the following genres: horror, historic fiction, science fiction and more.

Scorpions should play cards to relieve stress. (Photo: Pixabay)


Gemini often falls victim to stress because they are too busy discovering the true face of the people they deal with in daily life and these are mostly people they are close to. For them, the recommended escape route is meditation as it will help them collect their thoughts and learn how other people perceive them in reality.


The Cancer sign should opt for dancing or any other kind of workout which involves a lot of movement of the body. They can go for aerobics, Zumba, gym to relieve them of all the stress and help them maintain emotional stability.


Stress is known to raise Leos’ temper and make them aggressive. It would be better if they spend their time listening to music or playing an instrument as this will help them calm down.


Gardening is an option that can help Virgos to relieve stress this Sunday. Researching on new plants and everything about horticulture will keep them busy and help keep stress in check.


Shopping is an option that can help divert their attention. Going on a short shopping spree online would get them to realise the importance of self-care!


Activities like poker or going for a bike ride can make your Sunday stress-free. These activities will divert your attention from dealing with all the stressful situations and make your life a little peaceful.


Sagittarius are mostly extroverts and feel the need to go out of their house to enjoy life. Since most of the states are under lockdown or the movement is restricted, Sagittarius can try to live the outdoor life by watching a travel vlog or explore their future travel options once the situation gets better.

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